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Security Solutions for Credit Unions and Banks

Posted by John Endahl on Jul 5, 2017, 1:36:35 PM

What We Do

Born in 2008, Premier Security Group (PSG) integrates Electronic and Physical Security Solutions for Credit Unions and Banks. Electronic Solutions include IP video surveillance cameras, alarm panels, intrusion monitoring and access control from Verint, March Networks, Solink, DMP and more. Physical Equipment includes safes, vaults, safe deposit boxes, under-counter steel and drive-up/walk-up systems from American Vault, Bridgeman and Fenco. PSG helps secure peace of mind for 80 financial clients totaling 1200 branches. Our company culture and business approach is based on innovation, integrity and earned trust. If you like what you read here, sign up to subscribe, comment and share topics you’d like to see discussed.


What Makes Us Unique

Three of us joined Premier Security Group after years of working for a Security manufacturer. That’s unusual. Joining an Integrator after working for a manufacturer means moving closer (on the solution supply-chain) to End-Customers. By definition, End-Users can be demanding. So why did we choose to join PSG instead of another manufacturer? After all, Industry Recruiters ping us weekly, most often waving more money and fancy job titles.

  1. High Integrity reputation
  2. Innovative, self-reliant Integrator
  3. Technically savvy, hands-on Founder/President
  4. Representing Top Tier Electronic Vendors
  5. Providing both Electronic and Physical Equipment Solutions


Customers and our Manufacturer Partners are the best judges of those first two points; integrity and self-reliance. The last two points are factual. They’re what we do. That third point causes a little internal contention, mainly because our boss is a low-profile leader whose ego is strong, but not big. He frankly doesn’t like being singled out. But his face lights up when he goes hands-on, connecting equipment and adjusting performance until its optimized. It’s why Premier Security Group is repeatedly selected to beta-test new releases and solutions. Our Vendor Partners know we know our stuff and we’re honored to share ways we discover to improve it.

 Why it matters  

Amongst Resellers the three of us serviced for years, Premier Security Group stood out as innovative and self-reliant. We each wanted to join a high integrity firm whose values we’d be proud to represent. PSG’s steady growth is fueled by quality engineering, earned trust and word of mouth. It’s simple, really.

  1. We put innovative, integrated solutions to work on our customers’ behalf
  2. Our company values align with our personal beliefs 

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Premier Security Group provides Electronic Security and Physical Equipment for Credit Unions and Banks. 

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